What is Yomassage?

Yomassage is a relatively new modality that touches on the three pillars of its primary methodologies: touch, stretch, and breath. Allison became certified to practice it, with honors, in January 2021.

What can I expect from a session?

Show up to class in your comfiest clothes and join up to 2 other people. Bring your friends with you, and we can tailor the session directly to your needs!

You will experience a full hour of supported yoga poses and be engaged in various amounts of breath work while receiving massage in these poses. You will be led through a guided meditation, with the possibility of themes relating to healing, solstices, the ocean, self-compassion, etc.

We will use on-hand props such as bolsters, yoga mats, blankets and yoga bricks to help you find the most suitable position in each pose. Expect to relax in each pose for several minutes while the other clients are receiving their massage, or while we daydream in our meditations.

Because of Allison's varied training in bodywork, you may also encounter tapping, energy work, essential oils and/or more as an add-on in this wonderful class!

Add in the fact that these classes will be held in the beautiful Himalayan Salt Room of Hot Yoga & Massage Studio -- well, the healing benefits are endless.

How can I sign up?

Pre-register with Allison directly (info @ nanilotus.com). Once you contact her, she can send you the forms that you need to fill out and give you more information surrounding your class.

Upcoming Class Dates 2021: FULL

Saturdays, 10:15AM - 11:15AM

September 25 - 0 spots left

October 9 - 0 spots left

November 20 - 0 spots left

December 4 - 0 spots left

Introductory pricing: $49 per hour.


You can also request one-on-one sessions at the regular price of massage: $65

  • If you are a local studio and would like to offer Yomassage, please contact Allison! As long as you have the props, Allison can do the class!